Center of Europe. Rakhiv region, vil. Delovoe

центр європи

The geographical “Centre of Europe”. Geodesic sign

Place: Rakhiv district, Dilove village. Near the highway.

History shows that in the 1885-1887 years in Verhnotysyanskiy basin (Transcarpathia then was part of Austria-Hungary) conducted the study area for the purpose of building railways “Rahim-Syhot.” During measurement engineers found that somewhere in this area may be the geographical center of Europe. For precise here were invited scientists from Vienna, after careful review, they have identified the location and the center of Europe.

In 1887 he was installed six-foot geodesic sign, made of high quality concrete. Star has the form of truncated tetrahedral pyramid.


На прямокутному постаменті висічено латинською мовою:
Locus Perennis Dilicentissime cum libella librationis quae est in Austria et Hungaria confecta cum mensura gradum meridionalium et paralleloumierum Europeum … MDCCCLXXXVII
У перекладі академіка М.Тарасова на знаку висічене наступне:
“Постійне точне, вічне місце. Дуже точно, зі спеціальним апаратом, який виготовлений в Австрії і Угорщині, з шкалою меридіанів і паралелей, встановлений тут Центр Європи 1887.


This sign has survived two world wars and came to our time in its original form, but because it is very modest, it was decided to supplement another sign.

The development project commissioned architect-artist S.S.Kozuraku. May 27, 1977 was near the old sign was built Stella height 7.2 m.
Parallel lines stelae symbolizing the four cardinal points. Cavity differences between the lines gives the impression of a coherent unity and centrality. That which is in the middle reinforces the center of the composition. At a height of 6m. 60 cm. Set ball that symbolizes the Earth and is a technical activity – connecting plate making monument resistant.


Stepping a few meters you can see the wonderful ensemble composition: a modest two-meter obelisk – witness the past seven-stele – contemporary and near yalynky- slender green beauty of our Carpathians.


There are many opinions regarding the geographic center of Europe, the idea that he is on
Rakhiv M.Tarasov respected academician, Doctor of Geographical Sciences T.Bakut, as it is the location noted in the “Atlas of modern and ancient geography of the world” (1929 GV).

Coordinates the geographical center of Europe: 47 ° 56’3 “north latitude and 24 ° 11’30” east longitude.

європи центр